Michi Aschaber


year 1982
slacks since 2006 in St. Johann, Tirol/ Austria
best Line: many, e.g. Bullenline, Long way to Going (254m)
favourite trick: back- to frontflip

Simon Bächle


year 1993
slacks since 2007 in Radolfzell/ Germany
best line: highline over the Maggia
favourite trick: surfing the line

Samuel Bucher


year 1987
slacks since 2007 in Wien/ Austria
best line: waterline at the coast of the island Cres (photo 1)
favourite trick: backflip, 360

Lutz Eichholz


year 1986
slacks since 2009 in Kaiserslautern/ Germany
best line: waterline Helmbachweiher/ Pfälzer Wald
favourite trick: riding the unicycle on a slackline

Alexander Höhne


year 1986
slacks since 2010 in Mainz/ Germany
best line: "Kino"/ Oberammergau
favourite trick: surfing, elbowlever

Benjamin Kofler


year 1988
slacks since 2007 in Tramin/ South Tirol
best line: "Su col Polesc", Fünffingerspitze - Dolomiten
favourite trick: Exposure, Double Knee Drop, "Goaßlschnöllen" (photo 1)

Hans Plank


year 1987
slacks since 2009 in Guntramsdorf/ Austria
best Line: VIENNA SKY(HIGH)LINE (photo 3)
favourite trick: surfing the line

Laura Riedl


year 1993
slacks since 2010 in Reutlingen/ Germany
best line: highline in Ostrov (photo 3)
favourite trick: Korean Buttbounce

Lina Romanowicz


year 1994
slacks since 2010 in Tübingen/ Germany
best line: 70m Longline in Plüdershausen
favourite trick: split

Lukas Schneider


year 1992
slacks since  2009 in Freiburg/ Germany
best line: longlines at sunset at Hörnle/ Konstanz
favourite trick: Buttbounce 360, Buttflip

Florian Zschätzsch


year 1991
slacks since 2010 in Hof and Timisoara (RO)
best Line: Hatline in Timisoara`s slackline gym
favourite trick: Backbounce

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