Slack your event  

"Slack your event" turns your event into a unique highlight! We are using the great potential of the trend "slacklining" in all its facets.


Waterlineshow on the OutDoor trade show, Friedrichshafen

We`ve got the know-how the tools and of course world-class athletes ready for you. No matter if slackline shows, do it yourself stations, contests, slide shows or workshops - from this wide range of options we`ll fit together a custom made program for you. Furthermore we offer advanced slackline training for specail purposes like those of phyiotherapists or fitness coaches.

References (selection):
Waterlineshow & Slack wet-Challenge, OutDoor Friedrichshafen 2016 + 2015 + 2014 + 2013 + 2012 + 2011
Trickline-Contest, Salewa Klettersteigtage, Bad Hindelang, 2013 + 2012
Feuerseefest 2013 + 2013 + 2012 + 2011
Ferrero Firmenkonvention 2013
Süddeutsche Spielemesse Stuttgart, 2013 + 2012
Hexagon Metrology, Control Messe 2013
Isny macht blau, 2013
2. Trick`n Slack Slackline-Contest, Alpin trade show Innsbruck, 2012
1. Trick`n Slack Slackline-Contest, Climbing festival Frankenjura, 2012

GlobeWelt, Cologne 2011


As early as 2006 we initiated the first slackline courses at the University of Konstanz. In the meantime we have acquired a great deal of experience working with a wide range of clients from various fields - from beginners to pros working in sectors like school, high-performance sport, experimental education or physiotherapy and fitness.

References (selection):
Day of health Aesculap AG, 2014
2. + 1. Konstanzer Slackline-Symposium, 2012, 2011
Workshop "Slackline in neurorehabilitation" (Dr. Stefanie Lohmann, Ludwig Schmidt), 2014
Workshops at business college Waldenburg (Dirk Scharler, Fabian Müller), 2012, 2011
2. + 1. Konstanzer Slackline-Symposium, 2012, 2011
Glucker-Event, Stuttgart 2011

Volltrauf 2012, 2011, 2010
Congress of the DSLV, 2010, 2009
Academy of the DOSB in Köln, 2009

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