New for therapy and fitness:
training on Vario-Slack

With our Vario-Slack kit we now present a unique therapy and training tool, which brings a lot of fun. It offers a great number of options to adjust height and distance between a double slackline without disturbing metal struts underneath the webbings.
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Perfectly prepared for indoors:
Slack-Fix kits & School`n Slack

It`s indoor season – our Slack-Fix kits AIR and KIDS come with extremely strong anchor plates. Ideal for schools and clubs: School`n Slack pefectly fits around standard highbar posts in gyms and meets the special demands of teachers and coaches.
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Slacklining without trees:
Framelines kits

No trees in sight? With our Frameline kits options CLASSIC, AIR and KIDS nobody has to do without slacklining. The kits come with all necessary components for an easy setup of a perfectly working purebred slackline. Our earth srews work great outdoors.
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5 clicks to find your perfect slackline kit

Choose how you want to use your slackline and receive a personal slackline kit recommendation by our experts.

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Why Slackline-Tools?

Sustainable production, protection of trees, ease of use, made in Germany, our own designs: Learn more on what`s special about us and our slackline products.
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