Why Slackline-Tools?

Slackline-Tools stands for high-quality and well-thought-out slackline kits designed by slackliners for slackliners and mainly manufactured in Germany. All slackline kits have been thoroughly designed, are perfectly attuned in all parts and exclusively produced for the sport – therefore safe, user-friendly and made for the best performance possible.

made in Germany

The majority of our Slackline-Tools kits, all Slack-Frames, Slack-Pads and webbings are made in Germany. Our stylish tools Slack-Ring ST (pat.pend), Slack-Biner (pat.pend), Slack-Pin and all Slackline-Tools webbings are our own designs and guarantee best Slackline-performance and safety.


The designs of our slackline-kits, tools and webbings are all our own heads products. That´s why we can finely adjust and fit together finely attuned kits which perfectly meet every user groups' special demands. Product development is our passion - thus we do not rest till our tools meet our own high demands of safety and ease of use - which in the past has led to numerous unique slackline tools, many of them protected by patents.

With our slackline-kits we guarantee: 

  • a user-friendly setup
  • optimized safety
  • best performance
  • unique tree-slings

As slackliners we know about the characteristics of good slackline-webbing. All our webbings have been thoroughly designed, developed and manufactured in Germany.


Since 2009 the components of our slackline kits have been assembled by handicapped people working for the Caritas in Konstanz and the Lebenshilfe e.V. in Stuttgart. Our Slack-Frames and the Slack-Pad are also handmade with care in Stuttgart sparing no efforts to reach the highest quality standards possible.

"The fact that we are helping to produce such cool sports equipment makes us very proud! Since our first job for Slackline-Tools, we are taking part in the growth of this fantastic sport and the company of Slackline-Tools. This very first kit it all started with, has now turned into 7 kits in total that we put together ready for shipping. In our wood workshop we are also crafting products like Slack-Frames or Slack-Pads - a big success for us!" 
Marek Mucha, group leader packaging, sheltered workshops Stuttgart of Lebenshilfe GmbH


tested kits

All Clip`n Slack, Kids`n Slack, School`n Slack kits and our Vario-Slack kits are tested according to DIN 79400 slackline systems. Generally not only do our slackline-kits undergo regular lab trial testing for breaking strength e.g. but are also extensively field-tested by some of the best slackliners in the world.