Training on the double slackline of Vario-Slack

# 01 Stepping

# 02 Stool tilting

# 03 Balancing with balls

# 04 Squat + variation

# 05 Squat with tube

# 06 Squat with Deep Balance Board

# 07 Partner exercise: passing a ball

# 08 Lunge + variation

# 09 Rotation of upper body

# 10 Pushup position + variation

# 11 Reverse pushup position + variation

# 12 Swinging arms + variation

#13 One leg stand with Deep Balance Board

# 14 Side plank with Deep Balance Board

# 15 Lunge sideways with Deep Balance Board

All exercises shown here are only suggested to be done on the Vario-Slack kit produced by Slackline-Tools. Please read the manual thoroughly and pay attention to warning notices and disclaimer of liability. If you are exercising following our instructions here you do that at your own risk. As manufactures we do not take any responsibility for corporal, consequential or collateral damage which is caused by the use of our slackline products. This only applies if there are no conflicting imperative legal provisions.
Make sure to have the correct posture and to do the exercise well-controlled. If you suffer from physical discomfort while or after training please ask your coach, therapist or doctor for advise. Always equally train both sides of the body even though in the pictures might only be described one side.