slacklining in schools and clubs

Slacklining is very popular amoung young people: while only a minimum of additional qualification is necessary - the sport can be used as a tool in childcare facilities, schools, sportsclubs, climbing gyms. Without making supervision necessary the slackline can be a great addition for circuit training, playing stations in childcare centres or schools just as well as balancing tool in-between two routes when climbing for example.

user group

  • schools, child care facilities and clubs
  • qualified pedagogues, social education workers
  • sports and gymnastics teachers
  • children and youth group leaders
  • sports performance centers, climbing gyms


School`n Slack kit CLASSIC

Tensioning: Slack-Ratchet CL (ratchet)
Webbing: Classic (30mm width, polyester)
Length: 10m
The slackline kit is meant to be used with highbar posts in the gym: School`n Slack was developed by PE teachers and therefore meets the special demands of teachers and coaches - officially tested according to the DIN 79400 slackline-systems. Details

School`n Slack kit KIDS

Tensioning: Slack-Ratchet CL (ratchet)
Webbing: Kids (45mm width, polyester)
Length: 10m
Officially tested like School`n Slack CLASSIC and also meant to be used with highbar posts: School`n Slack KIDS includes the colourful 45mm wide "Kids"-webbing. Details

Slack-Fix kit AIR

Tensioning: Slack-Ratchet XT (ratchet)
Webbing: AIR (45mm width, polyester)
Length: 25m
Professional slackline facility for in- and outdoor use: The Slack-Fix kit AIR comes with two extremely strong anchor plates - ideal for climbing gyms and athletic grounds of any kind. Details

Slack-Fix kit KIDS

Tensioning: Slack-Ratchet CL (ratchet)
Webbing: KIDS (45mm width, polyester)
Length: 10m
Child care fascilities, sports clubs and schools watch out! With the Slack-Fix Kit KIDS we now offer a complete slackline fascility which can be installed indoors. Details

Slack-Pad vaulting box cover

Made from top quality lumber-core plywood the Slackline-Tools "Slack-Pad" protects the soft leather covers of gymnastics vaulting boxes - particularly when using floor anchors. Details


Mount for the easy and safe installation of a slackline including a bolt kit- designed for in- and outdoor use. Details

My students love the School`n Slack slackline. It`s easy to set up, safe to use and still a great challenge for everyone. School`n Slack is just a must-have.
Cornelius Brandt, teacher