outdoor education and teams

Temporary ropes elements provide the ideal basis for many problem solving exercises to address and improve personal competences or even more importantly softskills like communication and cooperation. 

user group

  • Experimental education coaches, outdoor trainer
  • qualified pedagogues, social education workers
  • sports and gymnastics teachers
  • state registered educators
  • children and youth group leaders, kindergartens
  • people working with groups of all ages in the sports, recreational or tourism sector


Mohawk Walk kit

Tensioning: Slack-Ratchet CL (ratchet)
Webbing: Walk (30mm width polyester)
Ideal for outdoor trainings, children and youth groups: The Mohawk Walk kit allows the quick and easy setup of various team exercises and courses from "Mohawk Walk" to "Expanding V" to the traditional-style 20m slackline. Details

In my outdoor workshops the Mohawk Walk kit performs perfectly. It is easy to install and offers the flexibility of a multitude of different low ropes elements - a truely perfect tool for every day use.
Melanie Moosbuchner, psychologist & outdoor guide