kids and play

Particularly for children slacklining is very attractive while it`s relatively easy to access and learn. By playing on the line the little ones automatically improve their body coordination and balance skills.

user group

  • families with children
  • kindergartens, schools and clubs
  • children and youth group leaders
  • sports and gymnastics teachers 


Kids`n Slack kit

Tensioning: Slack-Ratchet CL (ratchet)
Webbing: KIDS (polyester, 45mm width)
Length: 10m
Leaves traces: The children's slackline "Kids 'n Slack" immediately attracts attention among the little ones with its bright, stimulating colours and the vibrant animal tracks. Details

Frameline kit KIDS

Tensioning: Slack-Ratchet CL (ratchet)
Webbing: KIDS (45mm width, polyester)
Length: 8m
With the 8m Framline kit KIDS a slackline is quickly and comfortably installed in your backyard, at kids` birthday parties, in kindergartens or schools. As solid fixpoints the well approved "Slack-Anchors" are simply screwed into the ground. Details

Super! Having a look at the "Kids" line you can straight away tell that someone really put in a lot of effort to come up with this product. The kids love the line at first sight. 
Kathrin Schüller, certified sports and gymnastics teacher