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Slacklining is very popular - no wonder: The sport fascinates people of all ages, different nationality and sports background. A slackline can easily be set up in your backyard or any public parl. It`s great fun to have a line handy when on holidays or simply hang out with friends. All our slackline kits are designed to meet the various needs of our customers - no matter if beginner or pro!

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Clip`n Slack kits

Tensioning: Slack-Ratchet CL (ratchet)
Webbing: CLASSIC (30mm width, polyester)
Length: 10m, 15m

Fastest and intuitive slackline setup with new ratchet-generation - perfect to be used on entry level and beyond: Clip`n Slack is tensioned with the groundbreaking Slack-Ratchet CL which eliminates the disadvantages of common ratchets. Details

SlackTivity kits

Tensioning: 5:1 pulley-system (15m), 15:1 pulley-system (25-45m)
Webbing: CLASSIC (polyester, 30mm width)
Length: 15m, 25m, 35m, 45m

In all parts specially developed and produced for slacklining: SlackTivity is tensioned ratchetless by a pulley-system that makes short jumplines as well as long slacklines possible. Details

Air`n Jump kit

Tensioning: Slack-Ratchet XT
Webbing: AIR (45mm width, polyester)
Length: 25m

The new 45mm line AIR in eyecatching green offers a rebounce never seen before. The line is affixed and tensioned by a Slack-Ratchet XT on both sides - a ratchet full of innovations. For a new way of detensioning the Slack-Release was directly fitted into the ratchet: easy and gear protecting. Details

Frameline kits CLASSIC & AIR

Tensioning: Slack-Ratchet CL (ratchet)
Webbing: CLASSIC (30mm width, polyester) resp. AIR (45mm width, polyester)
Length: 10m (CLASSIC), 15m (AIR)

The perfect solution for slacklining without trees: To create your won fixpoints the strong "Slack-Anchors" are driven into the ground, with two Slack-Ratchets the slackline is comfortably affixed and tightened. The beautifully handcrafted Slack-Frames (made in Germany) bring the slackline up to the preferred height. Details